Problem Statement

What is the goal of the system? what problems it addresses? who are the intended users of this system? and what are the main tasks they can accomplish by using it?

Learning about new concepts (or learning more about already introduced concepts) is made easier by being able to interact or observe these concepts directly. Unfortunately, this is not possible when learning about Astronomy since the objects being studied are not located on our planet and not easily observable. Telescopes, textbooks, and videos may help to solve this problem, but these all involve a child sitting still and looking at a flat image. Museums and other learning centers are moving towards interactive exhibits which allow kids to touch and play as they learn. Our project aims to build off of this idea using touch based systems and physical representations of the planets to enhance a user’s learning experience.

Users of our system may range from young children with their parents or school groups to adults. Users can use the physical tokens of the planets to arrange them in their proper order in their solar system and use the other tokens to delve deeper into information about each planet. There are different kinds of information that users at each age group can gain from our system (such as text about the planets properties; information about the sizes, material composition, and weights of the planets from holding the tokens; and the order of the planets).


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